Monday, March 10, 2008

Texas Trip

I had a whirlwind of a trip to Texas this weekend. it was home for most of my life and I love going back to visit family and childhood friends. This time the trip included thoughts of my blogging friends and what could I capture to show you a piece of my journey? So, I was very, very, very camera happy. So much so it will not be a one-post venture. Hopefully it will be interesting enough to keep you reading!
The kids were very good on the trip. I think they were happy as well to have a break from routine.

The 6 hour trip from here to there is somewhat hard for the kids. We play kid music, read, and I make up skits with the stuffed animals. once they are asleep, hubby and I play our own games and laugh at the many signs that we find humorous. Now, we may find them funny because we are giddy with the "getting out of town" bug, but maybe you will find them funny too!

Every time I see this sign, I want to call. Just to see if anyone ever seriously contacts them. It has been up for years....hehe...

Where do they charge for restrooms??

This looks fun!

And here in Oklahoma we are known for our oil and gas companies. Here are couple of oil pumps, one newer than the other.

We are going to Amarillo which proudly boasts:

There will be a second and perhaps third installment of the road trip. I will put family pics on the Love and Marriage Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Fun post! I have a photo of us on a road trip in front of a store that was called "Some Place Else". I thought it was cute and used it for postcards. At least everyone would know where we were :)