Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tag, your it!

I was tagged! It's my first tag! Thanks to Relunctant Housewife for the tag. She would like to know 5 things about me. The first rush of excitement at being tagged has been replaced with a look of deep concentration. 5 things, interesting things preferably. Hmmmmmm

1. I keep a journal. I have for years. I write in it at least twice a week. I keep track of the kids' changes, the things they can do/say. I always begin with a list of 5 blessings or things I am thankful for. We take the kids to the library every two weeks and I try to pick up at least 2 books I haven't read before. In my journal I list them and what I thought about them. Maybe one day my children will read them, the books and my journal. I also write letters to my kids and my husband. I am currently on my 8th journal.

2. I have always wanted to take photography classes. It just sounds really fun!

3. I am a "self-taught" cook. There are a few meals that I helped prepare with my mom and grandmother, but the list is very limited. The first meal I served my hubby when we were dating was a grilled cheese sandwich with ham. When I got married and realized he would eat anything, not kidding he will try anything, I decided to learn to cook. I subscribed to Taste of Home magazine, bought a couple of cookbooks and then realized that you can check them out at the library. I even had to get a book on different techniques. Now, I have several recipes perfected and everyone has their favorites they request. I try to do at least one new recipe a week. i remember the first time I chopped garlic and onion for my first attempt at spaghetti sauce....ahhh...it is so satisfying to cook! I had no idea I would love it this much!

4. I like my in-laws. This may seem like a weird thing to list, but I am always hearing people complain about their in-laws. My in-laws are very accepting and
non-judgemental. I was always thinking of ways to impress them. It took a long time for me to realize they weren't just "being nice" to me, they genuinely liked me.

5. I believe in what goes around comes around. If you did something out of spite or hate, watch out! This is a little shout out to the people who stole hubby's car...one day you will get yours my friend...one day.

I know...not very interesting is it? Well, I never played sports, or musical instruments. I was however a "student trainer" my senior year. That way I got to pass out water to my guy friends on the baseball team. Too fun!


Reluctant Housewife said...

I think it's interesting! Have you ever watched Hell's Kitchen? Thanks for doing the meme. You're the best.

SaraLynn said...

No I have never seen Hell's Kitchen. What's it about?

no problem about the meme, someday I will tag you ;)