Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chile Con Queso

I love queso! When we have Mexican dishes this is a must. When we go out for Mexican, I always order the largest bowl they have. I love it with chips and I usually put some on my entree. I know, I know...not the healthiest. This recipe is a good one. This is my entry for Random Recipes. Check it out, they have some very good food going on over there!

Chile con Queso
Prep: 15 min.; Cook: 1 hr., 30 min.

Diced green chiles can be substituted for roasted green chiles.
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 (4oz.) jar diced pimiento, undrained
2 (4oz.) cans roasted diced green chiles
1 cup cottage cheese
2 (16oz.) loaves pasteurized prepared cheese product, cubed
1(5oz.) can evaporated milk
Assorted tortilla and corn chips
Toppings: grape tomato halves, pickled jalapeño slices

1. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat; add onion, and sauté until tender. Stir in diced pimiento and roasted green chiles, and sauté 1 minute. Set aside.
2. Process 1 cup cottage cheese in blender until creamy.
3. Place onion mixture, cottage cheese, and cubed cheese in a 4-qt. slow cooker; stir in evaporated milk. Cover and cook on LOW 1 hour and 20 minutes, stirring gently every 20 minutes. Stir before serving. Serve with assorted tortilla and corn chips and desired toppings.
Makes about 8 cups


Pam said...

This sounds like something I could really eat way too much of! It is never to late to post, thank you for sharing and joining in on the fun!

SaraLynn said...


Debby said...

What does Queso mean? Whenever I go to a Mexican Restaurant (remember I am from Ohio now) I never understand anything. I usually like what I get, but the next time I never remember what I had. Also could I substitute something for the cheese product, I can't think what cheese product tastes like and they don't have anything like it here. Does it melt stringy or smooth? Is it sharp or mild or salty?
I also read your question about cheating. I am surprised the teacher had such a reaction. If I understand correctly your daughter was threatened by the other child and that could be considered bullying. It should be nipped in the bud. Moving this child isn't enough Goober needs help not just with math, also learning how to ask for help from someone who should be there (as you said, the teacher or another adult) to get through the difficult problems. I am not sure compliment is what this is, it seems strange to me. I feel that you are right to wonder.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I love Mexican food - but I haven't heard of Queso. Is it possible I know it by another name? What is it?

SaraLynn said...

Queso means cheese in Spanish. This is usually served with chips as an appetizer. Sometimes they pour it over chimichangas..does that sound familiar?
I love the stuff!