Sunday, March 2, 2008

It is the second day of March!! It seems the year is already flying by. In a few short months the kids will be out of school and I will hear the sweetest words of "Mom, I'm Bored!!", about 100 times a day. It doesn't matter what you plan, or how many crafts you do, those words inevitably are uttered throughout the day. Once, at the theatre,my daughter leaned over and asked what we were doing next because the movie had gotten boring to her! Sigh….I think it is good for them to be bored once in while. On the occasion that she approaches me with her "BORED" dilemma, usually elbow deep in cleaning the bathtub, I tell her to go entertain her dolls until I am through. She sighs and wonders off. I have found that through "entertaining" her dolls her room has transformed into a magical kingdom. And she is lost in a fairytale story of her own making. I quietly tiptoe away and begin another chore. Of course this repeats itself once I am in the middle of said chore, but hey, I think being bored actually encourages their imagination.

***I also want to add that I came across a fantastic site Apples&Thyme. Please check it out. ***


artisbliss said...

Good for you encouraging your daughter to use her imagination. My 8 year old boy routinely announces that he's going outside to "play with my imagination" and it's fun to peek out and watch him.

Hope your little guy is feeling better.

Made the 3 cheese sausage lasagne Saturday night and it was GONE almost immediately. Great recipe.

SaraLynn said...

Thanks! I enjoy playing dolls too, it is so fun! Although, she can be a bit bossy....hehe.

The lasagna...I love that dish!! Yummy! The kids like that too, which surprised me. I guess it shouldn't since they love anything with pasta!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Imagination is great, isn't it?
Next time, though, why not have her take over cleaning the tub? You might never hear the word "bored" again. Haha. Asking her to entertain her dolls is great... I'll send my boys to entertain their... dinosaurs or animals or whatever... next time they complain of having nothing to do.

SaraLynn said...

I laughed so hard at this! If I asked her to clean the tub, the eye roll from her would be audible!!!