Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheating is Complimentary?

If you think I am wrong, please comment!!!!!!!

Last night we had a teacher-parent conference at Isabella's school. They do this twice a year just to show you what your child is doing and how well they are progressing. I took the opportunity to let the teacher know that Isabella is having issues with a classmate, who we will call Goober for the post. Goober is very aggressive and has a very strong personality. Pushy, obnoxious and down right mean at times. Isabella, while not perfect, is not an agressive personality type. She would rather everyone get along than fight. Goober has been cheating off of Isabella's math worksheets. She told Isabella that she would make something up for the teacher to get Isabella in trouble, if she did't let her cheat.
The teacher responded, with a sigh, that yes Goober has been a problem all year. She has moved her 5, yes 5, times this year. She assured us that Goober would be moved when the kids came back from Spring Break. She also stated that Isabella had told her about it once and she had told Isabella that is was a compliment that someone who has trouble with math would want to copy off of her.
This is the part I am having trouble with. I am all about someone getting help if they need it. But isn't that the teacher's job? Or the parent's? What about a tutor? I do not want my daughter to go through her school years letting people cheat and thinking it is a compliment to her brain. They need to use their own brain! What happens when Goober goes to second grade and Isabella isn't in that class and she doesn't know anything when the math is handed out? What happens later in Isabella's life when she and the other person are caught and they BOTH get in trouble? Am I wrong to be upset? I told the teacher that I would appreciate her moving Goober. In front of Isabella, I told her that it is okay to help someone but cheating is not exceptable.
Do you agree or disagree?


artisbliss said...

Oh my word. This is unbelievable! Absolutely stand your ground and refuse to be moved. Isabella should understand that Goober (how funny is that) mustn't be allowed to look at her paper (and then blackmail Isabella if she won't cooperate, no less!!)It is NOT a compliment, it is dishonesty coupled with strongarm tactics. Bad, bad, bad.

If the teacher can't take a stronger position than that, she's in the wrong business.

SaraLynn said...

Thank you! I was beginning to doubt myself.
It is dishonest.
Thanks again!

tina said...

You're absolutely RIGHT!!!! I am appalled to say the least. That teacher is sending one heck of a message. Children should learn eraly on that dishonesty is not the best policy. The parents and the teacher should be working to resolve the issue, not turn a blind eye and shuffle the kid around, meanwhile shattering your child's belief that hard work pays off. It is so discouraging when a child sees someone achieving the same goals or grades without putting in the hard work.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh, I totally agree. You are absolutely right. Later on, Isabella could get into trouble for allowing someone to cheat off of her paper when she'd simply been told she was helping them. I'm surprised that her teacher would encouraged her to let others cheat. Good for you for speaking up.

Goober indeed!