Friday, March 21, 2008

A good laugh over a forgotten memory

It has been a crazy week! Spring Break for Isabella, having my niece visit, attempting to potty train Jaxson (ha!) and all the frustration of family stuff.

Today I had a GOOD laugh. One of those deep belly, face hurts, think my head will pop off laugh.....know what i mean? And I needed it.

My dear friend Lana called me and out of the blue we started talking about the past. She loves to remind me of one particular night. I set her up on a blind date. Before you groan too loudly, it was a double date, so I was with her! The guy I was with, Chris, I had known for a while. But Lana's date was a new friend of his. It started out well enough. Dinner at Kabuki, a japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you. With the big, whoosh, fire. anyway...
After dinner we decided to go to the movies. The line was massive, not the usual Friday night line, but the Titanic line. Aaron, the new guy, offers his place up for a movie. We go to the video store and rent a VHS...hehehe.
The funny thing (it's funny now) was when we walked through the door of his house. It was a pigsty. Not just run-of-the-mill bachelor living, an actual dump. We couldn't even sit down. We began clearing a space on the sofa and then this turned into cleaning the rest of the living area. Before the "date" was over, Lana and I had borrowed (clean) t-shirts, and cleaned the kitchen, dining room and even the bathroom. In the bathroom was something I had never seen firsthand....a note written in lipstick. Three and half hours later we returned home. We had never cleaned our own houses like that before and we weren't about to tell our moms! And to this day we aren't sure why we did it!
Needless to say Aaron was never heard from, or seen, again.

Do you have a bad date memory that is funny now?


artisbliss said...

This is hilarious. Maybe the guy went out on a date once in awhile in hopes he'd get his place cleaned for free.

Anonymous said...

He never called again? haha That'll teach you! :)