Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week. Monday-Friday are busy. We get up early and take my husband to the bus stop that takes him downtown for work. I come back home and make the kids breakfast. Then we take my daughter to school. I make dinner and then put it away for later. This has proven to work better. If I wait until after I have picked up my hubby from the bus, then it gets to be too late. We have dinner and about 30 minutes of family time. Then it is bath and story time. It hasn't always been this crazy, just since my husband's car was stolen in November. Being a one car family has been a huge adjustment!
Anyway back to the subject, Saturdays are good, but I work from 4am-1pm, therefore I am a wee bit tired. So, Sunday mornings, my husband makes breakfast, usually bisuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. I have a big cup of coffee and we contemplate the one day we are all together. Every two weeks we go to the library, everyone gets to check out several books. Today was one of those days. I picked up three that look good and if they turn out to be, I will post about it later. We sometimes shop, play games, play outdoors, or sometimes, do nothing!
Right now it is nap time. Later I am making my hubby's favorite dinner, Chicken Spareribs with potato salad. I will post about it later as well.

Spring is getting closer. Everyone seems to be anxious for it this year. We didn't have a really bad winter this year, but the ice storms we had were ferocious. People have already started spring-cleaning and doing yard work. We saw several individuals and families out walking and bicycling today. Birds were flitting about and singing happy songs. It made me smile and gave me a lift I didn't know I needed!

We live in a small town that now has spilled over into a big city. You can hardly tell where one begins and the other ends. Everyone loves to go to the "big town" to eat and shop. This has been so sad for the local merchants and restaurants! We were very sad to see one of our favorite eating places close because of this, Rooster's Crow. Despite the name, the food was fantastic! I have tried to reproduce the menu at home but it lacks the pizazz it had in the restaurant. We have made it a priority to shop and eat only in our town. We have discovered some truly amazing little restaurants that we pass by everyday and would have never seen! I don't understand the drive to eat at the usual "cookie-cutter" places. There is such fantastic food out there!

Well, I guess I will stop rambling for now......

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