Friday, February 29, 2008

"No really. What can I do?"

I took Jaxson to the doctor this morning 5 minutes after they opened. he is just so miserable, high fever, not eating or playing. And ya know if they aren't playing, something is bad wrong. The doc says the flu test came back negative, but he has a viral infection. Watch him over the weekend, switch between tylenol and motrin. And I feel like I am either going to pull out my hair, or cry. I hate crying infront of other people. I must have looked like I felt. The doctor was encouraging and all that.
I know there isn't a "miracle" treatment, but you just hate to see the little guy so down and out. He will drink, so I am pushing the fluids as fast as I can and changing diapers nearly as fast.

I got a minute because he fell asleep on the couch.

Thanks to Susan from Artbliss for all the sweet things she has been throwing my way! And I won a bundle of goodies from her! She is a sweetie!

I may or may not get back on today. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Enjoy the extra day!


artisbliss said...

Your poor baby, and poor you. It's hard when they're so little. Viruses are almost harder to deal with than bacterial infections because there's basically nothing you can do but treat symptoms and be patient. I hope he can sleep for awhile, for both of your sakes!

Marty said...

I can't believe you keep up with three blogs!! And they're all good. The recipes here sound wonderful.

I did burst out crying once in the pediatrician's office. My 3 year old had the flu and the doctor had suggested putting him in the hospital so he could get fluids by IV. Right then the baby threw up. My husband was out of town. It was just too much.

They put me his private office, and let me stay for a while, but I eventually had to go home and face the day. Everybody (including me got better.) The next night when everybody was running around like wild puppies I remembered that well-ness has it's down side, too!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I hope he feels better soon. It's hard to wait out a virus. You feel so helpless when you can't fix it, don't you?

SaraLynn said...

Yes! And mommies are supposed to fix everything! I think I am seeing double!