Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband is adorable! I woke up to this creature this morning! Before he left for work we enjoyed a cup of coffee together. I am going to the first grade Valentine's party, which should be loud! My daughter wants a "fancy" dinner. So we are putting out the good tablecloth and china. I will probably make a spaghetti dinner. That is one that everyone will eat. Maybe even some candles! I will have to wait for my official date this weekend. Hope you are having a good day!


ROBIN said...

I really think your blog is cute, homely and informative. I came upon it by chance and encourage you to carry on.I will continue to read your blog. Thank you. I started my own blog in December and really enjoy writing and expression myself.I'm from South Africa.


artisbliss said...

Saralynn, thank you for posting on my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it. I love cooking too; it seems like an extension of my creativity and I love to feed my family well.