Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Already forming a plan.....

When do you start planning for the holidays? The meal, the gifts, the baked goods for friends, family and is alot to think about. Do you wait until the end of October, or until the last possible minute?

Or are you like me? I am going Christmas shopping for the kids this weekend. In two weeks I will pick up presents for my in-laws, two weeks after that, I shop for my side of the family. i have already started to plan the meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now there is a possibility that i will not be hosting either of these holidays this year, but hubby's side of the family is very laid back. They consider all plans flexible. Which is extremely hard on me, the type of person who likes to have a PLAN. So, after a few years of stress, pulling out my hair, and tears of frustration, I have learned to plan as if I am the one doing it. If it turns out I'm not hosting, cool, but at least I had a plan and wouldn't be caught off guard one morning by in-laws showing up with bright smiles and presents, me standing there in my bathrobe, mouth gaping....
My father-in-law married this past June. So, I am wondering if my new mother-in-law will want to host for the holidays. I will be all for this! Don't get me wrong I enjoy hosting, but I am not feeling it this year. Our house is between hubby's sister in Texas and his father's in northern it makes sense to meet here.
Growing up I never wondered where we would be for the holidays. Mom's family all lived in the same town. My grandmother, 3 aunts and all the cousins. My dad's side all live back East and I have never seen them for any holiday. I can count on one hand the times I have seen them my entire life, actually.
My mom's side still gathers in the same town, since all the cousins have married and had children, we make quite the number...something like 43. We usually reserve the family center at my aunt's church. I haven't been there for a holiday in 4 years. I would really like to go this year. In the past there have been things come up that made it impossible for us to make the trip. This year we should be free and clear.

Well, looks like I have babbled enough about the holidays. But I am curious as to when you start planning. And what are holiday staples in your house? I always make pumpkin bread for the neighbors. And no holiday meal is complete without holiday dressing and sweet potatoes with marshmallows!

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artisbliss said...

My mom and I usually plan the holiday meal together, but she almost always hosts because her house is a lot bigger than mine. We usually start talking about a month ahead of time about the menu. On gift shopping however, I start much, much earlier. Like the summer before.