Wednesday, June 4, 2008

100th post...or sort of...

As customary here is my 100 things for my 100th it 100 or am I late by 1 or 2?


1. I do not sleep outdoors.....
2. My idea of roughing it is Motel 6
3. I do not eat the ends of french fries....(didn't realize I was weird, did ya?)
4. I do not like the weather here in the summer...too sticky and humid
5. I like chocolate ice cream
6. I always wanted a tattoo...but too chicken
7. So chicken that my ears are not pierced
8. I am addicted to coffee and have considered starting a program at the local community center
9. There is always a book near me
10. I do not like ricotta cheese...very important thing to know about me
11. I sunburn in less than 20 minutes in the sun...SPF 55 for me
12. I am now realizing that 100 things may be too much for me....
13. I want to see Sex and The City movie.....can I talk hubby into it?
14. or will I have to go to Texas and go with my BFF
15. I want to go back to college
16. Before I die I would like to live in New York for at least a year
17. And London
18. I would pack up right now if we were offered the chance to live in Alaska...not humid there I bet
19. I hate spiders
20. I want to get a puppy
21. Laundry is fun for me...but I refuse to iron
22. Seriously I have not ironed since 1997 when I burned my favorite shirt...
23. Hubby is okay with that..hehehehe
24. I have a favorite pair of shoes and dress that I wear when I feel especially good about my self....doesn't every girl have that?
25. i have secretly wanted to be a photographer for a long time
26. once when i was a teenager my four year old cousin insisted I take him trick or treating at Halloween
27 So did, I dressed up as Mickey Mouse and took him to the mall
28 luckily his parent came along, the other visitors thought i had been hired by the mall and had me take pictures with their kids...after an hour I realized I should have started charging a dollar a pic....
29. I still have not seen Gone With The Wind
30. I love Italian food
31. And Thai food
32. i love to cook...did I already mention that?
33. I feel naked and exposed if my toenails arenot painted...regardless if I am wearing sandals or tennis shoes
34. I am allergic to bananas
35. I have ordered a banana split without the banana, just to see the clerks reaction
36. which was...."you want ice cream though,right?"

And now for questions from my peers:

from Pam at Random Thoughts

questions: What do you like most about each of your kids? hubby?
I love that my daughter has a natural grace. She has been in ballet for 4 years now. I have always received comments from her teacher that she is a natural at it. She is graceful in nature and it often shows in little things she does for us. Picking flowers for me, organizing dad's bookshelves after Jaxson has played in them, and entertaining Jaxson if he is being gooberish.
My son is a ball of energy, and although that can be tiring, it is also endearing. He loves to play and I am enjoying the time that I am the one he wants to play with!

hubby.....where do i start? He is amazing. I could not ask for a better husband and father. He is my helpmate in the true sense of the word. We often pick up where the other left off. If I make dinner, he cleans the kitchen. If he had a bad day at work, he is greeted with his favorite meal and dessert....He is very logical and practical. Some people find this annoying and boring. For me it is comforting and I know our family is taken care of.

how did you and hubby meet? We met while working in a call center for cellular service. Neither wanted the job in particular but at least we found each other! (And new

what is your dream vacation? First, it would be a dream to get a vacation with just hubby. My dream vacation with the kids would be Disneyland. Dream vacation with hubby would be anywhere...London, Ireland, ANYWHERE!

if you had a super power, what would it be? I would want to be able to form a bubble around my family and friends from the bad things in the world. Sickness, hate and anything that would be bring them pain.

from Reluctant housewife
Questions: What is your all-time favourite recipe?
My favorite All Time Recipe would be my grandmother's BBQ chicken. Whenever I make it, I am overwhelmed with memories.

And what your favourite meal when you were a kid?

I know...not a hundred...sigh...but the kids are begging to go outside and I am uncomfortable sending them out without me...hey that's another one!
Anyhoo...if you have more questions...please feel free to ask and i will update the post with the answers!

Cheers for now!


Reluctant Housewife said...

Happy 100th (or 101, or 102...)!!

I don't like ricotta cheese either. I always have to be careful with lasagna... I always make sure it's made with cottage cheese instead (so much better).

Dana said...

YAY.. I am soo happy you're back! I've missed you and your recipes!

Pam said...

it is always so nice to learn more about you!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Its so nice to get to know you better Saralynn, congrats on your 100th post! Looking forward to many more!

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, you're a girly girl ;) haha
Fun post SaraLynn!