Sunday, February 28, 2010

Distressed Mommy

I have a dilemma and , although I have been gone from my blog for quite some time now, I thought I would take a chance in asking for your advice.

I recently returned to work an I have loved it. i work 9-3 and for the most part that sounds perfect. However, things haven't settled as I thought they would. I don't get to cook or have as muich time with the kids. I am too exhausted to take night classes, so my degree is on hold, again. My son (he's 4) has had to be shuffled around between Mother's Day Out part of the week, a drop-in center that he loves and a friend's house. I think he is having the worst time adjusting and he seems to be picking up traits that I am not exactly thrilled about.
My daughter is 9 and it seems kids these days are warping into tweens early than ever.

My mom was a single mom and all I recall is her being very busy. Busy with work, helping her alcoholic sister and maintaining a relationship with someone she should have dumped long before she did.

I have less drama than that, but I do not want my kids to look back and feel I wwas too busy/stressed/exhausted to be there for them.

Should I quit and wait until he is in school full time to go back?


Reluctant Housewife said...

It's too bad that going back to work has been a struggle. How long ago did you go back? Things take time to settle into normalcy. Have you allowed for an adjustment period? Sometimes 4 year olds need longer to adjust than anyone else. Things get easier as they become routine... but it takes time.

My only advice is to make sure to take your needs and wants into the equation as well as everyone else's. I know it's easier to put everyone else first, but you matter too. I'm sure you're still there for your kids. That being said, I'm also sure that you won't be happy if your kids are unhappy... It's a difficult balancing act. One that will get easier as new becomes routine.


SaraLynn said...

Thank you for your advice :)
It is a difficult balancing act. I loved the interaction and returning to the work world, but I have decided to put it on hold until he is in school full time. Next week I is my last week and I am leaving on good enough terms that the owner has offered me a job when I am ready to return to work.