Friday, December 19, 2008


There is an older gentleman who works with my husband. Hubby tells me stories of the "mumbler". Through out the day this older man will mutter and mumble at his computer and people in the hall. He likes quiet and keeps to himself. He isn't hateful or rude, just a loner. He never participates with the group in anything.
I'm thinking Scrooge.

Today the loner mumbler man met my loud 3 year

Isabella, Jaxson, and I took hubby to work. I had made a greenbean casserole for their luncheon and we decided to make a morning out of helping hubby carry it all in. (presents for the white elephant exchange too) So, we got up early and drove downtown. When we got out, Jaxson realized where we were because of the tall buildings and started clapping. He shouted, "Circus!Circus!" The last time we went downtown was for the Ringling Bros and Barnum&Bailey Circus....Never fear he wasn't bummed for long. A quick walk in the brisk wind, security badges, and an elevator ride brought us to hubby's floor. This was the first time I had met hubby's co-workers since his promotion. (I was nervous!)

Then I met Mumbles. He was dressed nicely and greeted us pleasantly. Then before I knew it, hubby let Jaxson out of the umbrella stroller he jumps in Mumbles cubicle and shouts "HEY!" followed by "Jaxson-ese" talk. Mumbles left the area. I assumed we made him nervous. After we made our rounds to several offices, I noticed he still wasn't back. I started thinking we had run him off for good!

But before we left I dropped something in Hubby's office and bumped into Mumbles. He smiled and said we had a lovely family.

Awwwww.........not so that a word?

Who wouldn't love this face?!


HoneyB said...

That is so cute Sara!

Nadine said...

What a cutie pie.